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December 2017

An other year is over. We thank all our customer for their support to become the greatest year in INELCO's history. Even some old business was stopped, because of new orientation, we still had a great growth. Thanks to new ideas and major investments, we were able to record a record year and further strengthen our market position during the year. This encourages us to invest even more in planning for 2018. New breakthrough products, a design center outside of China, more employees and changes in the manufacturing process will change our image in 2018. Let yourself be surprised. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

June 2017

CAT6A coupler introduced

June 2017


new din rail adaptor introduced, especially designed for din rail housings

May 2017

Statement regerading sponsoring by the CEO:

When I met the management of the MTIS in Friedrichsdorf first time, I was really impressed. MTIS is an educational establishment far beyond public schools, focused on its missions, to develop students into an acting part of the future, in the city of Philipp Reis the inventor of first telephone. In addition MTIS has a very successful chess academy. Chess the game of strategy, Personally, I am one of the founders of INELCO, the most unknown manufacturer of telephone and data connectors, which quickly became one of the top 10 companies in our markets. Besides hard work, we came there, because our visions, missions and strategies have so many similarities with MTIS that it is a must for us to take over the sponsorship of the MTIS chess player Dominik Laux. Finally, this partnership remains MTIS, Dominic and INELCO under the premise: the game continues!

January 2017

new catalogues published

January 2017

INELCO's 1st newsletter was published

January 2017

2016 re-view

The best year in history!
The year 2016 was the most successful in our short company history, with a growth in sales and investments above average. The impact of this will take effect in 2017. We would like to thank all our partners for the fruitful cooperation.

December 2016

RIP Faust!
Dr. Faust Malnig passed unexpected away just before Christmas.
Faust was a part of INELCO up from day one. He will continue to live in our spirit.

November 2016


In order to increase the service for the premium plug series, Inelco was expanded in Germany by a warehouse for standard products. In addition, a test workstation is set up in order to be able to carry out its own measurements to be faster than using test laboratory in the factory only.

November 2016

electronica 2016

August 2016

INELCO exceeded sales forecasted for 2016. Seeing also same trend for next year, Inelco is investing into over proportional growth in china factory.

July 2016

INELCO completed the RJ45 premium plug series with AAT (ADVANCED ALIGNMENT TECHNOLOGY) based on special contacts and metal wire manager for industrial and high speed data applications. e.g. CAT6A, 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps. 

March 2016

INELCO signed contract for joint-venture for a new business segment, which will start to become available in 2018. Up to that point a new production line and international approvals need to be established.

January 2016

The year 2015 was as all years before very successful. Even the long term orders were swapped into short term orders, by customers, the business went more than good. For INELCO this change was challenging, but the lead times could be shortened by more automation in factory. The other challenge was the downfall of the Euro. It was the first time that INELCO wasn't able to absorb the increase of cost by automation, only. Therefore INELCO had to moderately increase prices for most of the products. Looking to competition the increase was lower and the lead time is shorter for most of the products. 2015 was challenging, but finally the forecast was blast in a very positive way. The orderbook and the information from customers are giving INELCO a very positive prospect for 2016.

December 2015

INELCO finished design of their new CAT6A keystone module, which is an open development targeted on CAT8.

November 2015

INELCO's USB 3.1 C connector series is available now.

July 2015

Construction of INELCO's new headquarters finished. INELCO moved into the new building. Another step for growing into the future.

June 2015

INELCO won a new major account which will effect sales up from 2016 significant. 2 new production lines will be installed in China factory for this new account only until October 2015.

May 2015

INELCO finished audit for ISO14000 in China factory as well the re-audit for ISO9001. UL approval now for Canada also.

January 2015

The year 2014 ended as it started, with full order books and a lot of inquiries. The business increased significantly and prospect for 2015 is showing a continuing growth above industry average. Beside increasing automation and capacity in our factory we have some plans to realize in 2015; like building a new factory in China to have more space to grow, a new office building in Europe, new product developments and a new marketing campaign. 2015 will be for us another challenging year on the way to our main target, to be a Bishop Top 100 connector company within 10 years from founding. We have to say thank you to all our customers who worked with us together for a joint success.

November 2014

We will exhibit on electronica in Hall 4 Booth 412

September 2014

For the need in industrial applications INELCO introduces: modcon® RJ45 INDUSTRIAL JACKS

July 2014

colored rings and new hoods for the modcon® premium plug series

April 2014

¡then & now!
A complete series of modcon® PREMIUM plugs introduced

January 2014

The year 2013 was an outstanding good year. Even the market is unpredictable, business was growing dramatically. For a big part of the year manufacturing was running far beyond 100% to fulfill customer needs. Also new products were intoduced, which was also a part of growth.

October 2013

Industrial modular plugs introduced

July 2013

Miniaturized intrajacks ® introduced

May 2013

Die cast coupler introduced

March 2013

µPitch connector made as a special for a customer.

January 2013

The year 2012 was again a very successfull year. Customer base and Orders were increased.

13.-16.Nov. 2012

We exhibited in Hall B4 Booth 351. The exhibition was a full success. Even less visitors came to us the overall outcome was better than before.

August 2012

Inelco introduces its new and expanded product range:
- Modcon® shielded CAT6A RJ45 jacks with specially designed contact management system
- Intrajack® 10 Gigabit version and PoE+
- 2-pin punch down block for optimized distribution of the cable pairs on the PCBs for CAT6A applications
- Compu-shield ® sfp + (small form-factor pluggable) i/o connectors
- Discom® sub-miniature shielded telecom and LAN magnetics
- Insilco®, cost-effective custom made connectors and solutions.

March 2012

INELCO awarded by 11 customers as "A" rank supplier in 2011

31. Dec. 2011

The year 2011 was very successful. INELCO summarizes the year 2011 as follows it was a strange year, because all market laws haven't worked as usual, growth was as expected, new products could be introduced to the markets and -specials- became the largest product group. The targets for 2012 are implementation of more automation for manmufacturing and keep on with new developments. The outview for INELCO's 2012 business is very good. INELCO's target for success: be the distinction .....

October 2011

Rj45 High Performance Card Edge Jacks - a line of shielded single and multi port RJ45 Jacks for applications with very limited space for connectors. To reduce the overall heights, INELCO moved the jack over the edge of the PCB. The result is a series of RJ45 jacks, reduce in heights by the PCB thickness of min. 1.6 mm/ 0.062”.
Additionally INELCO used its experience in designing of optimized contacts and housings, to develop high performance jacks with microminiaturized heights and improved retention force for THR and SMT implementations. These modcon® Card Edge Jack designs allow design-engineers to follow new directions in designing ultra thin high performance applications.

June 2011

compu-shield® - SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) I/O Products - a complete line of single and multi port SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) I/O Products and SFP+ I/O Products compliant with the SFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement). Beside the board mount connector as a 20-position SMT interface, INELCO offers a wide range of single port, single row and double row cages in pressfit and solder versions for added density. The design includes improved EMI grounding. Every port configuration is available with and without light pipes. For data rates above 2.5 Gbit/sec SFP INELCO offers cages with enhanced EMI gaskets.

March 2011

INELCO introduces its new slim line single and multi port SMT RJ45 PCB jacks for optimized automatic assembly.
These jacks are available with solder pegs to side, front and inside. Optional panel stops are available for improved retention. Additionally Inelco is able to supply this, as well all its modcon® SMT jacks, in a super high temp material version, which withstands higher solder temperatures than standard high temp materials for SMT applications.

February 2011

INELCO awarded by 7 customers as "A" rank supplier in 2010

31. Dec. 2010

The year 2010 was very successful. INELCO summarizes the year 2010 as follows: growth was larger than expected, the new products started to "fly": one of the key targets -specials- became the largest "runner" and the development of new products went forward. The target for 2011 is to increase capacity, get the new developments on the market and follow INELCO's target for success: offer the distinction .....

12. Nov. 2010

elctronica exhibition was a full success for INELCO (read more)

September 2010

INELCO created a series of circular connectors named circon®, which are made for Ethernet data communications in industrial environment up to IP67. INELCO’s circon® series fulfills the requirements given by the IEC Standard IEC 61076-2-101. These circon® connectors are designed for Industrial Ethernet, Profibus and Interbus and for use at frequencies of 100 MHz and beyond.

February 2010

INELCO awarded by 5 customers as "A" rank supplier in 2009

October 2009

Inelco introduces its new modcon® - Cat. 6A / Class Ea - modular plug, conform to ANSI/ TIA/ EIA-568-B.2-10, ISO/ IEC 1180 and EN50173 for Category 6/ Class E and 6A/ Class EA.
Features are: strong, 360 degrees strain relief, slim design for high density environments, high reproducibility, latch protection, IEC 60603-7 (603-7) compliant and termination of 24-27 AWG stranded and solid conductors

April 2009

INELCO is proud to announce its newest developments. A 2 row shielded RJ45 harmonica to optimize board space needs combined with cost saving at the assembly.The other new development is a CAT5e shielded and unshielded RJ45 SMT connector. For electronic applications SMT is standard. THR solutions have the disadvantage of additional working steps, often in hand assembly. This SMT jack is the logic forward development based on the need for higher data transfer rates in electronic applications.

14. Nov. 2008

electronica exhibition is closing. Major companies, as well INELCO, stated that the exhibition was very successful and better than expected.

13. Sep. 2008

Harry Schauss, Logistic Manager INELCO World Wide, dies after short stay in hospital.
We will never forget him.

August 2008

Product announcement: STACKABLE IDC 2-pin for high speed applications
This stackable IDC allow highest flexibility for positioning on PCB's for all kind of high speed applications.

May 2008

INELCO announce new product series Network Cabling Products

March 2008

INELCO recognized by Bishop Inc

September 2007

INELCO's factory in Dong Guan / China opened. The factory is starting with assembly works and is INELCO's investment into the future.

August 2007

INELCO announces: new fully shielded CAT6 jack series available now.

May 2007

INELCO company legally formed. 3 companies located in Russia, Czech Republic and Hong Kong get integrated by taking over major shareholdership.
INELCO starts production in northern China.

INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45
INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45