INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45

Code of Conduct

INELCO established a highly demanding Code of Conduct in the very beginning eight layers of participation were taken into account:

1) The customers
2) The vision of the founders and owners
3) The leading managers of the various companies of the INELCO group
4) All employees
5) Cooperation partners, suppliers and free-lancers:
6) The communities INELCO is active in
7) The other companies in the field of interconnection
8) The "market"

Factors taken into consideration include…
๏job satisfaction, adequate pay, perspectives for growth, gender neutrality, etc.
๏social responsibility
๏safe working conditions
๏avoiding or minimizing environmental hazards
๏saving of resources

  In addition, it is our overall responsibility to assure the ongoing sustainability of INELCO by earning enough money to achieve its goal and duties.

  INELCO strictly obeys the laws of the countries it is engaged in. When there are different laws and standards in the countries involved, INELCO always tries to fulfill the more stringent demands.

  INELCO will adhere to strict ethical guidelines even when they are not [yet] considered by applicable laws.

  INELCO is proud to be a forerunner in several fields, having understood the importance of various subjects and established demanding codes of conduct accordingly. A typical example is gender related issues. INELCO always has had more women in leading management functions than demanded even by newly released laws.

  The focus of all activities of INELCO is its costumers. INELCO strives for excellent products that meet their demands, be that an innovative product to develop or a simple, cost-efficient solution.

INELCO is always conscious to achieve this without over-designing solutions while meeting the customer’s required specifications.

  INELCO´s goal was from the beginning the combination of German Engineering and product design with Asian production capacities and US know how.

  Relying on relations established long before the start of the company INELCO can rely on a host of personally well known business partners. INELCO can be sure the various demands concerning work force and environmental issues are strictly obeyed.

  INELCO has extremely low personal fluctuations, which clearly indicates job satisfaction and also guarantees high competence.

  INELCO considers all positions important and strongly encourages that all employees and associates treat each other with respect and fairness.

  To assure high flexibility and to being able to match also rare demands INELCO established a network of specialists.

  INELCO is aware of the influences of the the communities it is doing its business in. It is careful to be a positive factor in terms of job creation, job enrichment, perspective, environmental consciousness, etc.

  INELCO works with, rather than against, competing companies, while legitimately sharpening its business.

  INELCO influences the electronic market via superior interconnections driven by new ideas, standards and products. The company is also committed to influencing ethical standards where different international business cultures and experiences have to be sensibly merged.

  If you have any questions not covered in this outline, please contact us under:

INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45
INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45